Top 10 Best Vacuums For Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors

Nowadays, luxury vinyl plan floors are used for flooring. It is affordable and appealing. Over time, vinyl plank floors can be hard to resist. These materials are resistant to water. You don’t want to ruin the look of your floor. Good care of the floors is needed for maintaining the pristine condition.

Can you vacuum vinyl plank flooring?

Luxury vinyl plank flooring can be vacuumed. It’s a good idea to vacuum the vinyl plank floors at least once per week. It will keep the floor in top shape. Maintaining the luxurious sparkling look of vinyl plank flooring is important.

Dusts and foot traffic can be cleaned by appropriate vacuums. Make sure you have the right vacuum for the job.

There is a way to find the best vacuum.

You can check out this buying guide if you’re confused about which one to buy. Before you buy a vacuum, you should look at a few things.

The weight is an important factor. You will have to move a lot with your vacuum. It will be difficult to move the vacuum from one room to another if it is not light. A vacuum with a little weight is great for portable use. Look for vacuums with strong filters. Small particles may not be captured by the vacuum if it is not good. Most of the dust in the air surrounding you can be captured by a vacuum. Depending on the surface, the required power may vary. Depending on the surface you are using, there are vacuums that can give you control of the power. Some vacuums have an automatic switch for different surfaces. If you don’t have enough power in your vacuum, you won’t be able to clean your floor. It’s important to look for a noise level when buying a vacuum. It is normal for vacuums to make noise. It’s not convenient to hear a loud noise while cleaning. There is noise reduction technology in vacuums. Search for vacuums that are quieter.

Our Top LVP Cleaner List

If you are looking to purchase a vacuum cleaner that can handle your vinyl plank flooring, this article is for you. We will take a look at the best vacuums on the market.

The best shark vacuum is the Shark Rocket DuoClean.

The Shark Rocket DuoClean HV382 has an advanced steering technology. It is very easy to use, and it provides you with a cleaning experience. Dyson V11 animal vacuum cleaner is the best for cleaning.

The vacuum has an easy to empty dust bin so you don’t have to stop. It has a soft roller cleaner head that glides over vinyl flooring. The Bissell Cleanview pet bagless is the best.

The best of both worlds can be found in the Bisson CleanView. You can maneuver it around furniture and into corners with the canister vacuum. There is an upright function for cleaning stairs.

Keeping vinyl plank floors looking new is one of the goals of the Cross Wave floor cleaner. It is the only product you need to clean your floors. There is high quality and long lasting.

The only vacuum that cleans all floor surfaces is the Complete C3 Brilliant Canister. 3D Parquet Twister technology is used to deep clean vinyl plank floors. The combination of a rotating brush bar and a vacuum ensures thorough cleaning. iRobot Roomba 675 is a robot vacuum.

Busy people will love the iRobot Roomba 675 robot vacuum. You don’t have to worry about the vacuum cleaning your floors. Dustbuster is a lightweight and easy to carry item.

The Dustbuster is light enough to carry around the house and is perfect for cleaning hard to reach areas. The cyclonic vacuum has the power to pick up dirt and dust all over the place.

The Zing cleans and polishes all types of wood flooring. Tineco iFLOOR3 is best for money.

The iFLOOR3 is the cheapest in the market. It comes with everything you need to clean your floors, so it is a great way to start. It is reasonably priced.

The best vacuum to clean vinyl plank floors is the 2033M. With this machine, you can clean your home or office without leaving marks.

The top 10 vacuums for luxury vinyl plank floors.

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1. Shark Rocket DuoClean HV382

The Shark HV382 has a duo-cleaning technology that will clean it with a polished look. It’s designed to capture pet furs lawn mover on different surfaces. It is portable and can be used to clean throughout the house.

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This is the best shark vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors based on features and pros. If he can’t reach the bottom of the furniture for cleaning the floor, then he should go for Shark HV382.

There is a corded vacuum. It helps to spot and capture hidden debris. The brushroll is powerful for cleaning carpets. The vacuum can be used as a handheld vacuum. It has a dusting brush, onboard storage clip, wall mount, accessories bag, under-appliance wand, and TruePet mini motorized brush.

Pros Cons Great suction power.

  • It can vacuum under furniture.
  • The furniture or walls are protected from damage.
  • Cord is pretty long.
  • The canister is easy to empty.

If there is hair or thread stuck, the roller brush is easy to clean. The top part is heavy so it doesn’t stand on its own.

  • The dust trap was meant to be bigger.

2. Dyson V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson V11 is the most powerful vacuum in the world. This is able to take the smallest particles. The vacuum is lightweight.

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The Dyson V11 is the best vacuum. The pet furs are easy to clean. It is usable on all types of surfaces.

It traps 99% of particles and 99% of dust. The attached screen helps to change the cleaning modes.

The vacuum has a Dynamic Load Sensor. The 7-cell batteries have a long run time and are good for a long time.

The components you’ll get with your V11 vacuum are a combination tool, mini motorized tool, stiff bristle brush, crevice tool and wand storage clip.

Pros Cons Most powerful suction system.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Automatic motor speed changing when it is necessary.
  • Noiseless cleaning.
  • Easily accessible filter for cleaning.

There are three different modes of cleaning. The canister needs to be emptied and removed.

Bissell Cleanview has a vaccum cleaner.

The triple action brush roll makes picking up pet hair easy. It is easy to clean around furniture. It has a scatter free cleaning technology.

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The pet owners can get rid of their pet hair and furs with the help of Bissell Cleanview.

It has clean edges and corners, perfect for edge to edge cleaning. The dirt cup can hold up to 1 liter of dirt and tiny particles. It is possible to remove pet hair with specialized tools. The money from your purchase will be donated to the Bissell Pet Foundation for the purpose of saving animals.

The vacuum has a Multi Cyclonic Suction System in it. Its filter is replaceable. The stretch hose makes it easy to clean hard to reach areas.

Clean on edges and hard to reach areas.

  • Captures pet hair easily.
  • There is a reduced chance of damage on the surfaces.

Dust can be washed easily. Sometimes things get stuck on the brush.

4. BISSELL CrossWave Floor and Carpet Cleaner

The power cord is 25 feet. It has both vacuuming and washing done at the same time. Food spills can be cleaned using the double action technology. There are two separate tanks for water. The water tank capacity is 28 ounces and the dirt tank is up to 14 ounces. It is 16.61 pounds.

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If you are a pet owner, this is a good choice. For regular use, this is one of the best vacuum and mops.

A pet cleaning solution is included in the vacuum. There is a nylon and microfiber brush. The path is wide. The vacuum can be controlled on demand. The vacuum and mop can be used on almost any surface.

There are pros and cons to vacuum and wash floors.

  • Multi surface cleaning is available.
  • Helps to remove pet odors.

The vacuum can be controlled with touch controls on different surfaces. The vacuum is a bit louder.

5. Miele Complete C3 Brilliant Canister

The C3 Brilliant Canister has a quiet but powerful system. This can be used on a wide range of surfaces. It has a wide brush roll and a SEB 236 premium electric toothbrush. The Parquet twister has been used for cleaning.

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The vacuum is recommended because of the automatic speed settings.

A handle control system allows Complete C3 Brilliant to be turned on or off. The automatic setting can be adjusted to have a perfect vacuum speed. There is a bumper strip that protects it from accidents.

The vacuum is 19.4 pounds. There are two more Floorheads. The Parquet Twister XL Floorhead is used for cleaning hard floors. 99% of the smallest particles are captured by the air clean filter.

There are some standard accessories included with the vacuum.

There are pros and cons to silent cleaning.

  • Control via handle.
  • Automatic motor settings depending on surface.

It might be difficult for some people to control it.

6. iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum

iRobot has a smart vacuum cleaner. It has a cleaning system. One brush cleans the floors and carpets while the other sweeps the corners. It is only 6.77 lbs.

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People who spend most of their time outside of the house don’t have much time to spend after cleaning the house and iRobot Roomba 675 is a great choice. It can be controlled with the app. It’s the best robot vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors, for a number of reasons.

It follows the pattern of lifting and freeing for cleaning everything from the smallest particles to the largest. It is possible to navigate along edges and under furniture. It is safe from falling down because of the cliff detectors.

The smart vacuum has a schedule cleaning. The iRobot Home app can be used to control it. It can sense dirtier areas and clean them more thoroughly. It runs for 90 minutes. It can be used to clean the floors.

Pros Cons Very lightweight and easy to move.

  • Cleans everything from pet furs to smallest dirt.
  • Doesn’t leave any scratch marks.
  • It was easy to set it up.

It is louder on hardwood floors.

7. BLACK+DECKER HHVI315JO42 Dustbuster

There is a handheld vacuum. This weighs only 2.11 pounds. It has given use of Lithium technology. It can hold up to 13 ounces of dirt.

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It’s a decent option for cleaning without a lot of weight. The vacuum is portable and will help to clean messes faster.

It comes with a bowl. The wide mouth helps to capture large debris. The design of the mouth helps to keep the filter clean. It has a brush for upholstery and a crevice tool for hard areas.

The dirt bowl can be washed. The vacuum comes with a wall mount and a jack plug. There is no need to plug in while cleaning the mass.

It is easy to move lightweight.

  • Long lasting battery life.
  • The crevice tool is easy to use.

The bowl is easy to clean. A little louder than other vacuums.

8. Bissell Zing Canister 2156A

It is recommended that you use a vacuum to clean vinyl plank floors. The cyclonic action creates a strong vacuum. It works on both carpets. You can use the regulator to switch power. It is easy to maneuver and has a carrying handle. The vacuum is 10.23 lbs.

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The cleaning power of the canister is decent. If you’re looking for a vacuum that’s easy to move, you can definitely get it.

The vacuum has a capacity of 2 liters. The dirt cup and post motor filters are used in the vacuum. All the filters are clean. The cord is 15 feet long.

The dirt cup is easy to empty. It has an automatic cord rewind for convenient cleaning. There is a dusting brush and a crevice tool.

There are pros and cons to the strong power of the vacuum.

  • Easily moveable for having lightweight.
  • Easy to remove and clean the dirt cup.
  • Long cord with automatic rewind system.

The hose is very thin.

9. Tineco iFLOOR3

iFLOOR3 is a 2-in-1 machine. It leaves instantly dry floors. Users can use it on different surface. This vacuum is easy to carry because it weighs 9.9%.

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iFLOOR3 is portable and noise free. Those who do not want to use a hand to clean the vacuum can buy it. This vacuum is a good deal because it has a self-cleaning system and powerful vacuum.

The vacuum has powerful but quiet motors that are easy to use and clean easily. It has a display that helps to monitor power status, battery level, and many other things. The vacuum can be cleaned by self-cleaning. With just one touch, the machine will clean it with fresh water and detergent, without the need for anyone to help. The vacuum has tanks for clean and dirty water to make sure the water is always fresh.

The docking station is sturdy and easy to use. A 3-in-1 cleaning tool is provided with the main body of the vacuum.

It is very easy to move and use.

  • Battery lasts for a long time.
  • The systems work well without leaving a mess.

It does not make any noise. The water tanks should be bigger.

10. BISSEL Featherweight Stick 2033M

Our last vacuum is the Bissell 2033M, which is used for cleaning vinyl plank floors. It is very easy to use. Powerful cleaning is what it has. The machine has a handle vacuum, stair vacuum and stick vacuum. It has a floor nozzle for stairs and a tool for furniture.

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There is a great deal on this product. It is highly recommended for cleaning vinyl plank floors.

The dirt cup of 2033M is able to capture 0.67 liter of dust and dirt. It can be used on a variety of surfaces such as hard floor, low pile carpet or counter tops. It’s easy to remove the trash from the canister.

The pros and cons can be used in different ways.

  • Super portable as it is lightweight.
  • Easy to empty the canister.
  • Creates less noise than regular vacuum.

It picks up litter and furs. Doesn’t have a hook to hang it.

  • The cord is not as long as it could be.
  • How do you care for the floor?

For the care of luxury vinyl plank flooring, it must be kept well cared for. It will not be there for a long time if it is not taken care of.

You should use a cleaner that is ammonia free. The pristine condition of vinyl plank floor will be destroyed by a cleaner that does not have neutral pH level or ammonia.

There are areas where scratches and damages can occur. It’s not mandatory, but an acrylic finish will give a shiny look. It will add some life to your floor.

Dirt and debris on the floor can damage it. Dirt or debris can be kept away by vacuuming or sweeping.

Don’t move furniture if you drag it. Lift the furniture and move it. Pushing, pulling or dragging furniture can cause vinyl plank floor death.

  • Can you use a steam mop on LVP?

We don’t recommend using steam mop. The glue that holds the LVP in place will eventually be lost if steam and dripping water from a steam mop get seeped between the planks. The heat from the steam mop can damage the LVP. If you want to use a steam mop, make sure the water is cold.

  • What type of vacuum is best for LVP?

It should be handled with care. It should not get damaged or scratched which will ruin the look of the flooring. The best vacuum for lvp floors can clean without damaging the surface. There are some vacuums that do a good job on other surfaces. We recommend using the vacuums mentioned above for a safe cleaning of vinyl plank floors, as they are very sensitive to take care of.


Our team used and tested all the vacuums we mentioned. We looked at customers reviews. The vacuums from our list will give you a good performance. Take a look at the features we have discussed in the buying guide to find the best vacuum.

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